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Англійська мова . 6 клас. Конспект уроку. At the Table

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At the Table

Aims and objectives:

   to develop basic skills;

   to develop general culture and etiquette.


1.  Warm up

The teacher presents a set of ingredients and asks students to think what could be cooked of those, the list should be short and simple not to take too much time.

2.  Introducing the topic

a)  The teacher presents a picture of a messy dinner table      (or a family eating in

a messy way) and asks the students first to         describe  it   andthen say what is

wrong about eating in such a way using “shouldn’t”. It may also be done with help of a following dialog (or a picture from a Harry Potter movie showing Dudley eating).

A. Hey; where’s my plate? It’s just been here!

B. Who cares ? It’s you who has to watch your plate.

A.    But there was my dinner! I need my dinner right now! Mom, go and get me my dinner!

M. Whatfor? Go and get it yourself.

A. Ah, here’s my dinner! Who on earth has put it on my chair?

M. Children, behave. Well, er, where’s the salad? You idiot, you’ve eaten it all up! We’ve got no more salad!

B. So what? I’m hungry. Why should I care for you ?

The teacher asks about the students’ impressions about what they’ve heard (seen) asking to give reasons for their reactions.

b) After this is completed, the teacher asks if the students have dinner in the same way at home and what we SHOULD do when at the table and gets students’ ideas. If any new vocabulary is necessary, the teacher helps with it the vocabulary absolutely necessary is could you please... ?, do you mind... ?, pass, here you are, help yourself.

c) Upon finishing the previous activity the teacher plays (or reads) the dialogue again and asks the students to make necessary changes for it to be a decent one at the table. This should be done in pairs and the students should be told

that a decent table behavior will exclude some activities from the dialogue (eating the salad up). So, the students act out their modified dialogues in class.

d)  The students are arranged in groups with the task of creating a Ust of table manners to post on the wall. It should consist of the “You should” and “You shouldn’t” sections. The students do preparatory work in class and get the task to accompUsh the project as a home assignment.

3.  Lesson summary

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